R.I.S.E stands for Refuge, Information, Support and Education. We help those affected by domestic abuse and we work alongside survivors giving practical support to help them rebuild safer lives. We achieve this through our fundraising events, including the HEROES RUN and our RISE 8K.

Every year we support over 1,800 women and their families to recover and reclaim their lives. The charity offers practical help ranging from direct advice to refuge space to those in urgent need. 

Fundraising from the HEROES RUN will be dedicated to our children’s counselling service, a much-needed service which will help children who have been affected by domestic abuse.

The RISE children’s therapy team

Seeing, hearing and experiencing abuse can have a profound effect on children. 90% of them will be in the same or next room when something happens. They might be anxious and scared, wet the bed, be angry or depressed or find it hard to make friends. 

Children often don’t have the language to express what’s happening to them, what they’ve seen and how they feel which is why they need specialist help. 

The RISE Child Psychotherapist helps them build self-confidence, have more positive relationships and work through their experiences in a safe and nurturing environment.

All the money raised from the HEROES RUN will go directly to the RISE Therapy Team to to help local children improve their mental health, to give them the hope of a brighter future.

If every HERO raises just £20 we can fund this role for 2018/19, and if we reach this target we’ll be able to put every extra penny towards reducing the current waiting times. 

Find out more about RISE

Read facts about domestic abuse on the RISE website. 

Take a look at the RISE events page to see what’s coming up.

Find out how to volunteer with the Heroes Run or more about how to get involved with the wider work of our charity.

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